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MICRO-ULTRA 15-3 (BMS5-136)

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Model: MICRO-ULTRA 15-3 (BMS5-136)

Brand: Epoxy

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Micro-Ultra 15-3 (BMS5-136) is lightweight filler paste with fire-retardant properties, making it ideal for the aerospace industry. Microultra 153 (BMS5136) is reliable for joining fiberglass, RIM, graphite, FRP, SMC, BMC and Kevlar surfaces. Micro-Ultra 15-3 (BMS5-136) features two components that mix together to create a white paste with a work life of approximately five minutes. Often used for repairs and finishing surfaces, Microultra 153 (BMS5136) meets FAA regulations 28.853a and BMX 5-136a.

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